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Often I will write class libraries for Silverlight but also want to make the library available for .net. The CLRs are not binary compatible so you need to have both a Silverlight and .net project and somehow share the code – you don’t want to have to maintain two sets of identical files. The common […]

Bloom is a light weight extensibility, discovery and composition framework for Silverlight 2 and the .net Framework. Bloom simplifies the development of component orientated applications and provides simple but flexible Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection. Bloom has many of the features common to the popular IoC containers and has a similar goal to MEF […]

ValidationAspects v2.0.1 has just been released and is available from codeplex. ValidationAspects provides State and Interception validation on .net Objects, Properties and Method Parameters. Validation can be declared via attributes and/or augmented/replaced with validation functions at runtime. Supports MVC, WPF, Silverlight, PostSharp, and Unity. This release fixes a few bugs and adds support for […]